Often people will ask their neighbours, family or friends to look after and feed their cat whilst they are away but sometimes this is not practical or possible or you may not wish to burden them with this task. At Company for Cats our pet sitters and feeders ensure your feline friend is well looked after whilst you are away on holiday or business.

Cat Feeding Services

Cat Feeding Service

By me coming to you, your cat will have reduced stress as they remain in a familiar environment and no trauma from being placed in a cattery and you come home to a happy cat.

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Home Cat Sitting

Cat Feeding Service

Going away for a weekend or longer? Worried about your home and pets? Then this service allows your pets to remain in familiar surroundings if you're reluctant about using kennels or catteries.

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In the Cattery

Boarding Catteries vs Pet Sitters

Cats are territorial animals and when taken away from their home can feel stress especially when placed in a cage in a strange and alien environment. Cats also like company and you can not guarantee that they will receive any at a cattery.
By choosing a pet sitter you do your cat a big favour and you can rest assure they'll be happy and content in their own environment with someone to look after them. Please visit our pet feeding, home pet sitting and Cat Boarding pages for information on our services.